Our paper titled “Rapid Detection of Infectious Envelope Proteins by Magnetoplasmonic Toroidal Metasensors” is published in ACS Sensors.

Manipulation of an incident radiation by metallic nanostructures through excitation and localization of plasmons in subwavelength dimensions is a promising phenomenon for various applications. Toroidal moments which are categorized as different resonant modes family far from the classical electromagnetic modes are particularly interesting for their sensitivity to the ambient. Using the nanofabrication capabilities of AMERI, we recently demonstrated excitation of ultrasharp toroidal resonance modes in THz frequencies using bi-metallic asymmetrical planar resonators. Taking advantage of the high Q toroidal moment resonance, we further demonstrated biosensing capability of the proposed structures. Spectral response of the samples loaded with the relevant antibody to the assays of ZIKV envelope protein with different concentrations shows that limit of detection of ~24 pg/mL and 6.47 GHz/log(pg/mL) is achievable.  Fast, accurate and relatively simple detection capabilities make the demonstrated devices a promising platform for biosensing applications particularly for infectious disease biomarkers such as Zika virus proteins.

It is a pleasure and privilege to work with Dr. Kaushik and Dr. Nair. Arash and Burak worked hard in this project. You can reach it in our Publications page.

Congratulations Arash!