Our paper titled “Azimuthally and radially excited charge transfer plasmon and Fano lineshapes in conductive sublayer-mediated nanoassemblies” is published in the Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A).

In this paper, the plasmon responses of both symmetric and antisymmetric oligomers on a conductive substrate under linear, azimuthal, and radial polarization excitations are analyzed numerically. By observing charge transfer plasmons under cylindrical vector beam (CVB) illumination for what we believe is the first time, we show that our studies open new horizons to induce significant charge transfer plasmons and antisymmetric Fano resonance lineshapes in metallic substrate-mediated plasmonic nanoclusters under both azimuthal and radial excitation

You can reach it in the journals website and in our Publications page.

Congratulations Arash and Burak!